We specialize in indoor wayfinding solutions that simplify and connect users to businesses.

Technology has redefined traditional maps and the way we use them. It has narrowed our vision from a whole map to two small points: a start and an end. Let’s go one step further. Show us what it looks like when we arrive at the end. Take out the guessing and give us a picture. Give us an itiView.

itiView has been there from the beginning. We are the first to combine virtual tours with geographic information systems (GIS) for a completely immersive mapping experience. itiView software is designed to help individuals find their way through large public buildings while promoting the shops and services within. Our 3D point cloud scanning helps streamline business processes by taking the virtual and turning it into reality. We lead the industry in indoor wayfinding technology and development.

Online travel shoppers consult images before booking
Are anxious about being late
Have issues understanding a simple map

Why choose us

We know the way. Let us show you.

Jean-Philippe Gros

Co-founder and CEO of itiView

“All the quality studies and surveys carried out about travelers today demonstrate the difficulties they encounter when finding their way in places where they have to change connections. But itiView is here now!”

Hervé Jolif

Co-founder and COO of itiView

“Our new tools give us the oportunity to bring to our clients ultra fast indoor 3D mapping. With a combination of LiDAR and spherical pictures, we capture up to 50,000 square meters per day, with an incredible centimeter accuracy. Based on 3D point clouds and high resolution images, the user experience becomes hyperrealistic!”


Service Director of Management and Operations, Gares & Connexions

“We are very satisfied with our collaboration. The itiView team is at our side, listening to us, and knows exactly how to respond to our needs. Together we have helped travelers easily find their way. The ability to immerse oneself through images and plan one’s future trip is a true revolution in travel preparation”

Immersive Solutions

Our immersive solutions include 360° digital wayfinding and virtual tours. Both solutions brilliantly market your company from the inside out and allow your customers to become intimate with the many facets of your business. Our 360° digital wayfinding is a union of our virtual tours and indoor mapping technology.

Indoor Mapping

We stay on the cutting edge of digital mapping technology to offer our geographic information systems (GIS), LiDAR surveying, and 3D maps. Users can view all levels simultaneously, zoom into a particular area, click on an individual shop, and see its details highlighted through our advanced content management system (CMS).

Indoor Geopositioning

Through eBeacon technology we provide the most accurate geolocation and geofencing possible. Some of our greatest ideas have spun out of this fun technology, allowing businesses to send information to users in realtime and for user information to be sent back to businesses. Customer-business connection at its closest.


We promise to give our clients everything they need to be successful and this includes our application programming interface (API), customer support, and product maintenance. An API allows you to use your wayfinding solution wherever you want. Our customer support and product maintenance are there to ensure a smooth direction.

Our news

We define ourselves through the voices of our clients.

Interactive Kiosk

Our kiosk technology is currently available in more that 10 train stations in France. Our kiosks have touch screen software with an animated 3D map that displays all the information available in the online application. View a demo here.

Washington Airports

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority partnered with us to create a wayfinding system for their passengers. If you're traveling through Reagan National or Dulles International Airports, you can view your trip before you arrive and even check out the awesome shopping and dining selection. View them here: &

Geopositioning & Geofencing

Through the use of bluetooth beacons itiView can ensure passengers get to their boarding gates on time. Realtime geolocation and route calculations guide passengers turn-by-turn to their favorite shops and onto their gates. Passengers can even receive geolocated coupons or access geolocated social networking to connect with friends!

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